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• 2/6/2018

Best Served Cold - Value of Currency

Trying to get a perspective on how much is being spent in the novel. A "scale" is the main unit of currency in Best Served Cold. In one scene, we learn that 17 scales is more than the twice the value of Monza's burned crop, which I assume was just subsistence farming level. Then, in another, newly recruited mercenaries get paid a scale a week. So, is 50 scales a year a living wage better than average? Or adequate considering food, etc., is also provided. I ask because Shivers was tempted with payment of 50 scales.1 scale can buy a barrelful of fish, and 50 can buy passage back to the north or a fishing boat. Any thoughts appreciated.
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• 3/10/2018
You'd have to ask Abercrombie directly on his blog. He seems pretty good at answering these kind of direct questions if you can get his attention. Abercrombie does seem to be a bit of a nerd in that he works from maps, calendars, and data only some of which make it into the books. But it worries me that "scale" as a currency only appears in Best Served Cold as far as I can tell. Otherwise he's pretty vague on money. So I'm not sure that he's put too much through into it.
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