Brint is a lieutenant in the Union army, and one of Jezal dan Luthar's drinking buddies in Adua.

Personality Edit

Brint is the youngest and poorest of the group of friends. He can't really afford to lose money gambling, but he plays anyway to fit in. He's often picked on by Jezal.

History Edit

The Blade Itself Edit

Brint spends much of his time in Adua, drinking, gambling, and womanizing with his friends Major West, Captain Luthar, and Lieutenants Kaspa and Jalenhorm. When Brint makes some crude comments about Collem West's sister, Ardee, Jezal reacts with an aggression that surprises even himself.

Before They Are Hanged Edit

Brint ships out with most of the others to the war in Angland against Bethod's Northmen. He is in Lord Marshall Burr's division when news of the crushing defeat of Prince Ladisla's division reaches the camp. He is also among the three officers who greet West after weeks of tramping through the cold and barren north.

The Last Argument of Kings Edit

When West is risen to Lord Marsall of the army, Brint served as member of his staff. During the battle in the High Places, he was involved in the Union charge that routed Bethod's army. In the aftermath of the battle, he is seen cradling the body of poor dead Lieutenant Kaspa.

He remains on West staff when the Union Army return to Adua in order to defeat the Gurkish in the Battle of Adua. During the battle, he was sent to find General Poulder, only to find he had died leading a charge. In the aftermath of the victory, he was promoted to Captain.

The Heroes Edit

By this time, Brint has been promoted to Colonel, probably through King Jezal's influence. Brint is among the officers of the Union Army sent to war in The North to bring Black Dow to heel. His wife Aliz dan Brint accompanies him, despite how dangerous it might be with the army. During the decisive battle, his wife is taken captive by Stranger-Come-Knocking and his men and never seen again. He himself also lost an arm during the conflict.

Red Country Edit

By this time, Brint has since been promoted to General. His wife is still missing, as well as his entire sense of humour as one character comments. He is charged with suppressing a rebellion led by a someone called Conthus in Rostod in Starikland, where the peasants seek to leave The Union . After successfully crushing the rebellion's last stand in Mulkova, any surviving rebels fleeing into the Near Country, including the leader.