Carpi is an assassin from Styria hired by the Guild of Mercers to ruthlessly clean house.


Carpi is short and stocky man, with acne scars and a bent nose from several breaks.

Recent EventsEdit

The Blade ItselfEdit

Carpi is hired by the senior Mercer' Gofred Hornlach to murder the men that were named in Salem Rews' confession, after he is arrested by the Inquisition for tax evasion confession. Carpi succeeds in killing all nine men, including Villem dan Robb.

However, the Inquisition lay on a trap for him, by releasing Salem Rews, waiting for the information to be leaked to the Guild, and then catching him in the act of murdering Rews. The sting operation works, and under torture, he confessed to Inquisitor Glokta that Hornlach was the one who hired him. When he eventually gives evidence in Open Council, he's been so badly tortured he can barely speak or even sit upright.

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