Cawneil is the Third of the Magi, one of Juvens' original twelve apprentices. She now acts as the curator of the Great Western Library near the Edge of the World.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Despite her appearance, Cawneil is an old woman, seemingly as old as Bayaz. She tries to remain glamorous despite her age. She is a tall and slender woman. She dies her long hair black, and whitens her wrinkled and yellowing skin with powder.

She is cynical about the state of the world, Khalul, and Bayaz's ambitions[1].


Cawneil was once Bayaz' lover, and still holds a grudge because he left her for another. She also had a relationship with Khalul.[1]

After Juvens and his brothers went to the island of Shabulyan to put The Seed beyond use, Cawneil took charge of the Great Western Library. She promised her master to keep a boat crewed and stocked with provisions, ready at all times.[1]

When Kanedias supposedly killed Juvens, she and most of the other Magi made war on the Master Maker to avenge their master. She was injured in the siege of the House of the Maker.[1]

Before They Are Hanged Edit

When Bayaz and his band of heroes journey to Shabulyan to retrieve The Seed, he stops at the Great Western Library. Inside, Cawneil greets them and invites them to dinner. Dinner is less than a delightful dining experience. The furniture is rickety, the food is poor, and the company is rancid. Cawneil reminds Bayaz of his failings, of when he left her for Tolomei, and when his actions led to Tolomei’s death. Bayaz calls her a fool for hiding at the edge of the world.There is a long and sordid history between these two. Finally, Bayaz asks after the boat that will take them to Shabulyan. Cawneil knows her duty and has kept a boat in ship-shape, as promised to Juvens.[1]

Last Argument of KingsEdit

After the Seed is used to destroy the Hundred Words and much of Adua, Ferro regrets not heeding Cawneil's cynicism about Bayaz' ambitions.


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