Coster dan Kault is the head of the Guild of Mercers, and one of the most powerful merchants in The Union.


Magister Kault is plump, with hard eyes, and he dresses ostentatiously - so ostentatious that the Emperor of Gurkhul himself might have been embarrassed.

In The Blade ItselfEdit

The Magister appears before Lord Chamberlain Hoff seeking an audience with the King of the Union, outraged at the arrest of Salem Rews and accusing the Inquisition of trying to undermine the "honourable" Guild and their business interests. Hoff shows him no respect, and he leaves sputtering words that sound much like threats.

Later, the Open Council convicts the Guild of treason. Lieutenant Jalenhorm and Inquisitor Glokta serve them notice in the Guildhall. Glokta finds Kault with a noose around his neck and a determination to die rather than be questioned. Before he takes a leap into the abyss, Kault admits his guilt, but implicates another culprit, the bank Valint & Balk. The Guilds illusion of wealth, gilded crown molding and ornate clothing, is dispelled when he dies.