Master Farrad is considered the finest dentist in the Circle of the World. His dentist practice is at a magnificent address at the top of the Kingsway in Adua.


The dentist has a long, lean dark-skinned face with deep creases around the mouth and a neatly trimmed black beard, streaked with grey. A wise, dignified face, with deep-set eyes.


Farrad was originally from the region of Yashtavit of Kanta. When the Gurkish Empire conquered Yashtavit, he fled their tyranny, and made a very successful life for himself in The Union.

Now reputed to be one of the finest dentists in the realm, Glokta's family sent him to visit Farrad after his ordeal in the Gurkish prisons. Unfortunately, Glokta's teeth were in such a state, that there was nothing the dentist could do.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

When the Gurkish invade Midderland, Arch Lector Sult orders anyone with Kantic blood arrested as spies, in a pointless attempt to seem effective. Farrad is himself arrested by the Inquisition, and threatened with torture by Superior Glokta. Despite being almost certainly innocent, he agrees confess and names two others accomplices.

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