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He peered round at the swarming marketplace. And there’s a lot of money here.

–Glokta of the markets of Dagoska

The Guild of Spicers is a one of the two wealthiest merchant guilds in The Union, the other being the Mercers Guild. It predominantly imports goods from the Gurkish Empire into The Union through Dagoska, where they occupied the the Great Temple of the native Dagoskans. They trade in everything from spice, incense, fine cloth, rare wood, to gemstones.

Known Members[]

Their Magister is Carlot dan Eider, the widow of the late Magister and a talented merchant of her own. Also known as the Queen of Merchants.


The Guild of Spicers were in Dagoska when the city was free, even before the First Gurkish War, some nine years before the series. They made fortunes, but it chafed that they had to pay taxes to the natives. When The Union won the war against the Gurkish, the Spicers encouraged The Union to annex Dagoska into The Union. The Spicers now virtually run the city, with their Magister having a seat in the ruling council of Dagoska, along with Lord Governor Sand dan Vurms.

The Union and the Spicers administration of Dagoska has been an orgy of greed, incompetence, and oppression of the natives. In fact, the Spicers are now almost bankrupt, spending massive sums on the walls and mercenaries.

Before They Are Hanged[]

When Uthman-ul-Dosht became the new Emperor of the Gurkish Empire, he declared his intention to conquer Dagoska. Realising that defeat to the Gurkish was inevitable, Magister Carlot dan Eider of the Spicers approached her contacts in Gurkhul and agreed to help hand over the city without bloodshed. She offered the governor’s son Korsten dan Vurms money to forge his father’s signature on orders to open the gates. When Superior Davoust discovered their plot, she informed the Gurkish of the problem, and he disappeared the next day.

When new Superior Sand dan Glokta arrives in the city, he eventually exposes the conspiracy. The Magister is arrested, and the Spicers are dissolved, much like the Mercers. Their trade rights were handed over to The King's Inquisition.