Kalyne is the Superior of the Inquisition in Adua at the start of the series.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kayline is a big, balding man in his late-fifties, with a reddish complexion, magnificent white side whiskers, and big eyebrows. He is considered a daunting presence even within the Inquisition, prone to violent outbursts of rage. He has many powerful friends within the House of Questions and outside it. Although he accepts bribes from the Guild of Mercers to look the other way, Arch Lector Sult considers him loyal.[1]


The Blade ItselfEdit

When Superior Kalyne finds out about Inquisitor Glokta’s overzealous investigation of Salem Rews for evading the King’s taxes, he is furious. Rews is a member of the merchant Guild of Mercers, who have paid him bribes to avoid prosecution. After chewing Glokta out, he goes to Arch Lector Sult and demands the "mad cripple" be removed from his department. However, unbeknownst to Kalyne, the Arch Lector had other plans, to destroy the Mercers and take their resources as his own.[1]

During Glokta's investigation, Kalyne becomes suspected as the source of a leak from within the Inquisition[2], after all the men implicated by Rews are found dead. Despite being innocent, Kalyne is removed from office, and presumed dead.[3] Superior Goyle of Angland succeeded Kalyne as Superior of Adua.


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