Prince Raynault is the youngest son of High King Guslav the Fifth, and the second in line to the throne of The Union, after his brother Crown Prince Ladisla.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Raynault is the exact opposite of his foppish brother, Ladisla. He's serious, consciences, honest and thoughtful young man[1], who dresses modestly and humbly for a Prince[2]. Many consider Raynault a far more suitable heir than his brother[3][4].

Recent EventsEdit

The Blade ItselfEdit

Raynault is in the royal box with the rest of the royal family, at the final of The Contest. When the champion, Jezal dan Luthar, is presented to the King, Guslav is fast asleep, and Hoff has to wake him up. The feeble-minded old man mistakes Jezal for his youngest son, Raynault, to the great embarrassment of all present. The King rants on about how he must look after his elder brother since Ladisla is too weak to bare the crown, and that Raynault would be a far better heir.[1]

Before They Are HangedEdit

With Ladisla presumed dead in the First Northern War, Prince Raynault is now the only heir to the throne. However, he is found brutally murdered in his bedroom in the Palace, leg broken and mauled at the throat. Judging by the wounds, it seems clear to Superior Glokta that an Eater did it. The evidence lead to the Gurkish emissary, Tulkis. After questioning him, Glokta is convinced he is innocent, however Arch Lector Sult, anxious for a confession, would hear none of it. The Arch Lector gets his confession and Tulkis is promptly hung-drawn-and-quartered in public; case closed.

Nonetheless, Glokta continues his investigations, asking Practical Severard to bring him the Knight of the Body in charge that night.[5] Severard learns that the Knight of the Body has been missing for days, even before the prince's murder. Glokta ordered the Practical to get a list of everyone present in the palace[6]. However, Glokta soon gets a visit from Mauthis on behalf of the bank Valint & Balk, ordering him to stop his investigations into this matter.[6]

Last Argument of Kings Edit

It is revealed that Prince Raynault was actually killed by Yoru Sulfur, an Eater and shapeshifter, on the order of Bayaz, to allow him to place Jezal on the throne.


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