Shama Heartless was a renowned Northman chieftain, and the father of Beck. He opposed Bethod's rise to power in The North, and ultimately resolved to settle the matter in duel with Bethod's champion; one of the ten men that Logen Ninefingers met in the circle. While now a famous duel, just thirty men were there to watch it. Logen won the spin of the shield, and chose the long sword that Shama had brought, leaving Shama with Logen's axe. We learn little about the duel itself other than that Logen beat Shama and then "butcher him like a pig", brutally splitting him from shoulder to guts with his own sword. For those who watched, Crummock looked on with admiration, while Dogman stared in horror. As for Bethod, he just laughed and cheered him on, although he later claimed that he'd wanted to negotiate with Shama, but Logen had insisted on the duel.