Starikland is a region on the Western Continent of the Circle of the World. It is a Kingdom within the federated realm of The Union, governed by Lord Governor Skald from the capital in Rostod.

Origin Edit

Little is known about early Starikland, but at some point in the past it joined The Union.

Government Edit

Starikland is ruled by a Lord Governor in the name of the High King of the Union, from the capital in Rostod. The governor has considerable autonomy over the province. The current governor Skald is considered a surprisingly ruthless man. It is represented on the Open Council of The Union.

Territory, Geography and Culture Edit

The Kingdom of Starikland is on the Western Continent, to the west of Midderland across the Circle Sea. It is bordered to the north-west by Near County, and to the south-west by The Old Empire. Across the White Sea to the north-east is Angland. Major cities include: Rostod, Stariksa, New Keln, and Mulkova.

It is hinted that Starikland is a largely agrarian and agricultural society due to the large amount of peasants that are said to live there. Many Stariklanders seems to harbour separatist and anti-Union sentiments; several uprisings have taken place there throughout it's history.

History Edit

Recent Events Edit

Starikland sent levy troups to The North in both the First Northern War and the Battle of the Heroes.

Shortly before the events in Red Country, the region was rocked by a major rebellion against The Union, led by the mysterious Conthus. However, the rebels were eventually crushed, first defeated in Rostod, and then massacred at a last stand in Mulkova. The open rebellion ended there, with any survivors fleeing into the Near Country.