The Hundred Words are the army of Eaters created by the Magus Khalul. Khalul openly defied the Second Law of Euz: "It is forbidden to eat the flesh of men".

Description Edit

Khalul's priests scour the south for those with any "promise." Those selected are given the choice to die or eat their first victim. Most chose the latter -- and the gifts and curses that it entails. More and more, Eaters are made over time until there are hundreds. These Hundred Words seem to believe that Khalul is truly the voice of God, however many of them seem almost relieved to die and end their curse.

Known Member Edit

They are called The Hundred Words because there are one hundred, however Yulwei believes that there may be as many at two hundred. Known members include:

Name Activity at start of series
Mamun Khalul's first apprentice and the leader of The Hundred Words
Shickel Khalul's agent in Dagoska spying on The Union
Ishri Works more widely than most in Styria and The North
The Twins Khalul's trusted allies whom Bayaz has particule hatred for

History Edit

After the death of Juvens, Bayaz gathered the Magi to make war on Kanedias. However, Khalul refused to come. He did not trust Bayaz's version of events, and held Bayaz himself responsible for the death of his master. He swore vengeance, but he stood alone against many. So he made his great sacrifice, and with his first apprentice Mamun broke The Second Law and ate the flesh of men; thus becoming the first Eaters since Glustrod.

From his seat of power in the fortress-temple in the mountains of Sarkant, Khalul has gatherered an army of Eaters that he believes can now bring Bayaz to justice.

The Trilogy Edit

As Yulwei and Ferro Maljinn travel across Gurkhul on their journey to Adua, they see plenty of evidence of the Gurkish forces preparing for war, but little sign of the Hundred Words. Even in the siege of Dagoska, where the Gurkish lose thousands of men, they are not unleashed.

However, along with the Gurkish Army, the Hundred Words put siege to Adua, delighting themselves in flesh and sexual appetites. Finally, when the last defences of the Agriont fall, the Eaters are let loose. However, Bayaz, having found The Seed, unleashes its power and the Hundred Words are obliterated. The Twins, who were tasked with killing High King Jezal dan Luthar, meet their end at the hands of Yoru Sulfur and The Divider. Alone Mamun survives the Battle of Adua, only to be killed by Ferro Maljinn who has been "altered" by her exposure to The Seed.

Of almost one hundred Eaters, the only known survivor of the Hundred Words is Ishri.