The King's Inquisition is an institutions outside the normal judicial system, tasked with eliminating corruption, treason, and political dissent within The Union; reminiscent of secret police forces in totalitarian states. Their methods are somewhat clandestine with little or no transparency or oversight. People apprehended by the Inquisition are subjected to coercive interrogation and torture. There is no due process, the Inquisition rely almost exclusively on written confessions or verbal confessions in Open Council.

Location Edit

The Inquisition's headquarters is the massive House of Questions within the Agriont in Adua. Above ground are offices, including lavish chambers of the Arch Lector and Superior of Adua. Below ground are a labyrinth of cells and interrogation rooms.

The Inquistion has branches all over The Union, including Adua, Angland, Starikland and Dagoska; seemingly every region in the realm except for Westport. In Angland, the Inquisition also runs a number of prisons / penal labour camps, where criminals and traitors work in terrible conditions at mining and logging, rather than being hanged for their crimes. Imprisonment is seemingly for life, and maybe include entire families, even children.


The overall head of the Inquisition is called the Arch Lector. The Arch Lector is one of the most powerful men in the Union, and holds a seat on the Closed Council as one on the three Lords of the King’s Household. Arch Lector Sult is in charge during the events of the trilogy.

Reporting directly to the Arch Lector are a number of Superiors. Each Superior is responsible for a regional branch of the Inquisition. Known Superiors are:

Name Branch
Superior Kalyne Superior of Adua at the start of the trilogy
Superior Goyle Superior of Angland at the start of the trilogy, and later promoted to Adua
Superior Davoust Superior of Dagoska at the start of the trilogy
Superior Glokta Promoted to Superior of Dagoska during the trilogy, and later Adua
Superior Pike Superior of Starikland during Red Country

Beneath the Superiors are a number of Inquisitors. Each Inquisitor works independently on active investigations; arresting and torturing suspects into confessing. Known Inquisitors are:

Name Branch
Inquisitor Glokta An Inquisitor in Adua
Inquisitor Harker An Inquisitor in Dagoska
Inquisitor Lorsen An Inquisitor in Angland in charge of one of the penal labour camps

Practicals are the muscle of the Inquisition: they are able to fight when a criminal resists arrest, and torture prisoners while an Inquisitor questions them. Each Inquisitor, Superior and even the Arch Lector has a number of Practicals to assist him.

Name Inquisitor
Practical Frost Practical of Inquisitor Glokta
Practical Severard Practical of Inquisitor Glokta
Practical Vitari Practical of Inquisitor Goyle and later Superior Glokta
Practical Byre Practical of Inquisitor Goyle
Practical Halim Practical of Inquisitor Goyle
Practical Pike Practical of Arch Lector Glokta