I come as emissary from the rightful ruler of all the South, mighty Emperor of mighty Gurkhul and all the Kantic Lands, Uthman-ul-Dosht, love, feared, and favoured above all other men within the Circle of the World, anointed by God’s right hand, the Prophet Khalul himself.

–Ambassador Shabbed al Islik Burai about Uthman

Uthman-ul-Dosht, or Uthman the Merciless, is the new and vigorous Emperor of the Gurkish Empire. Although the Emperor seems all powerful, he is being manipulated by the Magus Khalul, who has manipulated the Gurkish for centuries as the religious leader, The Prophet.


Uthman became Emperor of the Gurkish about one year before the events in the trilogy. As the youngest son of the previous Emperor, he is said to have strangled his older brothers himself to succeed to the throne.

The start of his reign was troubled with a number of regional rebellions including the people of Kadir, hoping the death of the previous Emperor might be their chance to leave the Gurkish Empire. However, Uthman quickly showed his ruthlessness, crushing the rebellions and taking the people as slaves in punishment. He now reigns supreme over all the southern continent of Kanta, aside from Dagoska, and he has now declared his intention to kick The Union out of that city. The Gurkish soldier now speak his name with pride.

Recent Events Edit

The Emperor sends soldiers to recapture the notorious escaped slave Ferro Maljinn. However, the Magus Yulwei helps her escape to Adua with his High Art. On their journey, Yulwei observes the Gurkish preparations for war, as well as a secret navy fleet.

The Gurkish forces lay siege to Dagoska in the Battle of Dagoska. It takes over two months to capture the city and bring it into the Gurkish Empire, resulting in colossal loses to the Gurkish force. Shocked by the casualties, Uthman tries to make peace with The Union, despite Kahlul's wishes. However, his emissary is executed for the alleged murder of Prince Raynault.

Later, Gurkish forces land in Midderland near Keln, and put siege to Adua. They intend to put Lord Brock on the throne of The Union, as an autonomous kingdom within the Gurkish Empire. The Battle of Adua ends in a costly Gurkish defeat.

When Monza Murcatto comes to power in Styria, the Gurkish send an emissary seeking to ally with her, but are refused.